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H+O Engineering provides a wide variety of structural related design and construction services such as structural forensics, structural renewal, structural design, special inspections and demolition engineering.

Our knowledge in rehabilitation ranges from deteriorated residential buildings and aging concrete parking facilities to complex structural repair. We use advanced analytical methods to develop creative rehabilitation strategies that best meet the owner’s objectives. When a building exhibits chronic performance failure, undergoes a catastrophic collapse, or requires a vulnerability assessment, H+O Engineering offers a full range of investigative and analytical services and solutions.

With nearly 20 years of experience in designing structural frames for new buildings, H+O Engineering offers structural engineering expertise for buildings of all types, including commercial, residential, and special structures. Each project has a unique combination of elements and requirements that provide us with opportunities to develop and apply new solutions and innovative designs.

We develop sequential demolition plans for all types of buildings from wood frame to masonry or reinforced concrete. Our expertise includes preparation of demolition plans, sequential demolition analysis, loads analysis, and physical deterioration evaluation.